Day 6 Chunky Flat Twists On An Afternoon Stroll

Day 6 Chunky Flat Twists On An Afternoon Stroll

Today was a chilly winter day with the highest temperature just in the mid 40's. I was glad for the protection of the Premium Whipped Shea Butter on my Chunky Flat Twists. My hair is super soft and as I was out for an afternoon stroll I was confident my hair was protected from the wind. I was confident that the butter was keeping my hair from drying out.Acting as earmuffs and headband I tied this du-rag around the perimeter of my hair. This kept my undercut protected.

Waking up to I-woke-up-like-this hair that was amazing was a treat! I know the upkeep and maintenance associated with kinky curly Afro hair is what keeps many women away from it. They think, and rightly so, that maintaining their natural hair texture will take a lot of time energy and effort. And they're right! But then again, anything worth having takes those things. But having experienced that frustration myself, I am empathetic and hope that by sharing my style flow, new naturals and would be naturals see how they too can set themselves up for amazing, effortless hair days.

The way to accomplish this, in my experience has been through using moisture sealing products that help you stretch out time between wash days and by introducing a protective style into your arsenal that can be worn "as is" yet also leads to an amazing Twist Out or Braid Out in a day or two. 

I have also learned patience. Instead of needing wash day or even day one hair to be the fully stretched-corkscrews popping-Twist Out or Stretched out Afro that I love to show off, I am learning that it may take three or four days after washing to get there. I have learned, slowly, to enjoy the journey to my amazing hair days. And in learning to enjoy the journey, I have started falling in love with all the transitions along the way.

But as a side note, these images don't do my hair justice! I can't wait to add the video footage from the day which will give a better view of how moisturized and soft my Kinky Curly Afro looks today.  Thanks for stopping by!

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Day 6 was captured January 9, 2021

Do you need to get caught up? Have a look at my hair yesterday!

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