Day 3 Bunny Tails All Day. What is a "Protective Style"?

Day 3 Bunny Tails All Day. What is a "Protective Style"?

Today was a chill day. I wanted to keep the hair off my face and my fingers out of it. (Not to mention my hair wasn't completely dry from being washed and I didn't want to use the blow dryer to speed the process up.) I took down the two separate twists in each bunny tail and turned them into one twist. I then took the one chunky twist and created a bun; leaving two buns. I kept my polyester scarf around the perimeter of my head to act as a head band and also keep my undercut from needing any styling or attention.

Why did I want to keep my hands out of it? Well, I believe one way to retain length as our hair grows is to reduce manipulation. Meaning, keep your hair in "protective styles" more often. Protective styles are styles like this one where your hair isn't "out" like an Afro or Twist Out. Protective styles are when your hair is in a style that does not require manipulation like parting, combing, fluffing, etc.

It's really challenging for me to stick with protective styles because I like my hair being out. I feel most alive and vibrant when my hair is out in all its glory. I like showing my Kinky Curly Afro Crown off! So doing this today was... progress for me as a Natural Hair Rock Star as I learn to practice more and more healthy hair habits.

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Day 3 was captured January 6, 2021
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