Day 2 Bun With a Bang! Night 2 Wash Time

Day 2 Bun With a Bang! Night 2 Wash Time

Today's hair is a bun with a bang. My favorite go-to style when my hair is beginning to lose definition and in need of watering (aka washing).

I like this as a style when I am approaching wash day because it keeps the majority of my hair tucked away but I still get the volume I love so much about my kinky curly afro crown with my bang.

Tonight I washed my hair with Thank God It's Natural Moist Collection. I used her shampoo, conditioner and leave in conditioner.

Staying true to my Order of Product Application, following the wash and I used Cutie Juice Cocktail to seal the oil and Premium Whipped Shea Butter to protect and define my texture. 

Tonight, instead of my regular flat twists to "set" my hair, I went for two bunny tails. I parted my hair straight down the middle and in each bunny tail I created two chunky twists.

Why do I "set" my hair after washing it? This helps my hair dry in a way that maintains definition in my texture, it keeps the moisture level high and "setting" stretches my hair.  So instead of the deflation I have felt in the past, when seeing my kinks and curls glisten with water right after washing and then dry into a tangled mass of hair that seems dry and lifeless. Setting it, gives me hair that is moisturized and detangled and ready to style. Blow drying or sitting under a dryer is another way to go from wet hair to dry hair that is ready for styling. I prefer to wet set it!

Can't wait to see what style I am able to come up with tomorrow!
Day Two was captured January 5, 2021

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