Day One Hair: Twist Out On Wet Hair

Day One Hair: Twist Out On Wet Hair

This is my hair on day one!
  Day One means this is the first day after washing, conditioning and LOC’ing my Kinky Curly Afro Crown.

Products used:

Cantu Shea Butter Moisture Rich Shampoo 
Cantu Shea Butter Cream Conditioner
Cantu Shea Butter For Natural Hair Leave In Conditioning Cream 
Queen Sunshine Natural’s Cutie Juice Cocktail 
Queen Sunshine Natural’s Coconut Confidence

What do you mean when you say LOC?!

LOC is an order of product application that I learned at the beginning of my hair journey. LOC has been the foundation on which I built my successful 12 year natural hair journey.

Let’s break it down!

O is for OIL
C is for CREAM

After washing and using a conditioner, LOC your hair by using leave in conditioner, then an oil, then a cream. 

How I achieved this look?

Sectioned my hair into four parts.
Secured each section with a scruncci.
Applied Leave in to each of the four sections.
After applying Leave in to each section, I applied Cutie Juice Cocktail to each section.
After applying Cutie Juice Cocktail to each section, I applied Coconut Confidence to each section.
After applying the products I put (2) twists in each of the four sections.
This left me with a total of eight twists.
I used a soft cotton tee shirt to absorb the extra product.
Tied a scarf around my undercut.
Put on my bonnet.
Went to sleep.
This morning my hair was still damp.
With the twists still in pace, I used a blow dryer, with the diffuser accessory attached. Used low heat, and dried each of the four sections of hair.
After drying I took down each of the twists and began separating the hair for volume.
Pinned up the hair in the back, and put my hair into the desired shape.

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