Day 5 Still Shining! Night 5 Chunky Flat Twists

Day 5 Still Shining! Night 5 Chunky Flat Twists

Today I was still feeling sassy and my Kinky Curly Afro Crown was still shining! I had a little more stretch so my hair appears longer than yesterday. As you can see I went for the same style. My beloved "Side Afro".

Last night, before bed,  in preparation for today, I tied a polyester scarf around my edges and undercut and I slept with my hair in two bunny tails. One at the front of my head and one at the back. I wanted to keep the moisture and shine in place and avoid too much manipulation before bed. The final step in protecting my hair for the night was putting on my satin bonnet. You'll see it in upcoming days. It also made an appearance in my Happy New Year Vlog

There was no need for any additional gel since I allowed it to properly "set" while styling yesterday and I didn't sweat much. Pretty much, today was a no-effort hair day that still made me feel like a Queen. If you ask me, today is what every Natural Hair Rockstar hopes for. I-woke-up-like-this-hair that still looks amazing. 

Tonight, in preparation for tomorrow I parted my hair into one section at a time and installed these beautiful flat twists. I combed through each section to detangle and used a generous amount of Premium Whipped Shea Butter from Queen Sunshine Natural's to coat each section. 

What's the difference between Flat Twists and, say, Two Strand Twists? Flat Twists are flat against the scalp like french braids or corn rows. Two-Strand Twists are comparable to "single" braids.  

What I absolutely love about this protective style is that its perfect as a stand alone style. I'll wake up tomorrow, yet again, with I-woke-up-like-this-hair that looks amazing. The final steps before bed include tying down my edges and undercut, and putting on my bonnet. 

Overall I am very happy with my hair. Although its cold outside, with the added measures of more frequent washing plus protecting my hair at night, my hair is soft to the touch and holding on to its sheen. Can't wait to see what style I am able to come up with tomorrow! 
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Day 5 was captured January 8, 2021
Do you need to get caught up? Have a look at my hair yesterday!

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