Day 4 Sassy Side Fro!

Day 4 Sassy Side Fro!

Today I was feeling quite sassy! To achieve this look I started by applying Eco Style Gel. I applied the gel to my undercut and around my crown. After using a rat tail comb to set the hair in place, I tied my hair down with a scarf to allow time for the gel to dry. (Approximately 20 minutes)

I used the rat tail comb to create the sleek look of my edges which blended perfectly with the sheen on my hair from the moisture sealing duo, Cutie Juice Cocktail and Premium Whipped Shea Butter.

After taking off the scarf I took down my two buns and carefully placed my hair into the desired shape. I didn't use any tools to manipulate my hair as a way to maintain as much of the definition as possible. 

I used a few bobby pins to hold the hair in the middle of my crown in place and enhance the "side fro" look I love so much.

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Day 4 was captured January 7, 2021
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