Day 2: 30 Day Style Flow Diary

Day 2: 30 Day Style Flow Diary

Day 2! Yay! All I did last night was tie my hair up with a satin scarf. I tied my hair up in the shape I wanted it to be in today. I applied Cutie Juice Cocktail (lightly) to add a bit more shine and softness. Then just pinned it up into the desired shape. Biggest Takeaway from today was: Learn to let your hair do what it do! I spent a bit of time trying to get it to stay in place and “behave”. All that led to more frizz and less defined kinks! If I had just kept my hands out of it I would have been better off. Just get it into the shape (as close as possible to the desired shape) and then just let it be. Embrace the bigness! Embrace the fact that it springs forth with life and won’t necessarily “behave”.

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