Day 1: 30 Day Style Flow Diary

Day 1: 30 Day Style Flow Diary


Day 1 Of my Kinky Hair Style Flow Diary!! I’m recording the flow of my natural hair styles as a way to inspire other women on their natural hair rock star journey. 

No two days are alike! Watch my hair as it flows from day to day.

In this video I talk about the LOC Method for sealing in moisture. 

Step 1. (After washing) use a Leave -in Conditioner . 
Step 2. Use An Oil Product. 
Step 3. Use a cream (or butter) based product. 

Following the LOC method is how I keep my hair soft and manageable. 

The 30 Day Style Flow Diary is recorded with new naturals in mind. There are plenty of videos showing how to style your hair, I am offering inspiration and tips to succeed in your journey.

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