Blog Under Construction! Thank you For Your Patience ;-)

Blog Under Construction! Thank you For Your Patience ;-)

This hair is OVER a week since it's last wash!
But I'm still rocking it!
week and a half old twist-out :-)

Hello #NaturalHairRockStars! 

I hope all is well in your world. Since we're friends I'm sure you are taking full advantage of this time away from regular life to get some things checked off your to-do list. Me too! Updating this website has been lingering on that list of mine for a looooonnnnnggg time and I am so thankful for the opportunity to commit time to the project. 

I am setting this site up as the home for all the best content I created over the years. It includes all my personal best practices for rocking short natural hair styles. Styles such as my signature fade style, TWA styles and now my current look, the undercut. I also address the many emotional aspects that accompanied my journey to the self proclaimed #NaturalHairRockStar status I now hold.

I am thankful and feel extremely blessed to now hold the title and look forward to connecting with fellow #NaturalHairRockStars and also inspiring soon to be rockstars! 

What is a #NaturalHairRockStar?!

A #NaturalHairRockStar is someone who has learned to style their natural hair in ways that complement their face, personality, lifestyle and occasion. Whether they're going to school, work, worship or a gala the #NaturalHairRockStar has a style in their arsenal that they are personally capable of pulling off. 

I am setting this website up to inspire you to #NaturalHairRockStar status.

I look forward to seeing you in the comments!
What are you personally checking off your to-do list? Are you a #NaturalHairRockStar?! Tell me how long you've been in the club! Are you an aspiring #NaturalHairRockStar? When are you planning to big chop? Or have you done it already?!? Please share!

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