Afro's On Display!

Afro's On Display!

First and foremost, the handsome two-year old in the very first pictures is my newest addition and, Yes his hair is beautiful! I get asked all the time, just how I got his hair that way. And the answer is, I wash and condition his hair, while in the bath tub,  with whatever shampoo is handy. Lately it's between tear free kiddie shampoo or Jamaican Mango & Lime products with their respective conditioners. While the conditioner is in his hair, I de-tangle with my fingers until I am able to pass my fingers though it without getting snagged in a curl.

In addition to finger combing, the only other "must" in his hair care routine, is the use of a tee-shirt to dry after washing. I picked that trick up from a natural hair blog I read a long time ago and I find that it makes a huge difference in protecting his curls and keeping them from frizzing up immediately when dry. I try to avoid drying his freshly washed hair with a bath towel by any means necessary.

 I finish the styling with Aussie Moist Leave in Conditioner. 

Then, there is  MY Afro! (insert happy dance here) Let me just say, I LOVE my hair.  I am extremely happy that the length gives me a few styling options that make me feel confident.  

I am out of my regular products and have lately been using drug store brands like Jamaican Mango and Lime shampoo and Protein Conditioner, Aussie Moist Leave in Conditioner, and for styling I have been using the very inexpensive brown gel from the dollar tree to add some shine to my sideburns, and Jamaican Mango and Lime Locking Gel for two strand twists. I purchased the Jamaican Mango and Lime products for my eldest sons' locs not necessarily for myself, but since they are here, I use them.

There you have it! Afro's on Display :-) 

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