Practicing Positive Self Talk as a Natural Hair Rock Star

Practicing Positive Self Talk as a Natural Hair Rock Star

One of the four things I recommend doing before going natural is "Commit to Increasing Your Self Confidence". One way this can be accomplished is by becoming your own best friend, your own cheerleader and your own guru. By speaking to yourself in a reassuring way, you can learn to keep yourself motivated and confident in your decision to be a Natural Hair Rockstar no matter what obstacles you face.

In this video I share a story of how I had to practice positive self talk while out with my Kinky Curly Afro.

Heres's the story...

My crown on this day was big, fluffy and full on Afro! I had to run a couple errands and between walking from the car to the establishments, the wind had its way with my hair. My Afro was blown and fluffed and left even bigger (and slightly less shaped)  than when I started. But I still had to go into the store and grab items for dinner that evening.

If I am being honest, I was feeling a bit of self consciousness because my hair was so disheveled in the moment. So as I walked though the grocery store, I took my own advice and just reassured myself in my mind. I talked with myself as I held my head up and handled my business. I reminded myself over and over, "This is my hair. It is what it is. The wind blew it! It's not against the law to have wind tossed hair. This is my hair and I am not hiding it. I am proud of myself and my hair."

I was able to leave the situation feeling proud of how I conducted myself internally. I was proud that I didn't allow myself to feel worried about other peoples reaction to my hair. I instead stayed focused on how I felt about it. I was also able to identify that I personally would like my hair to be more secure in its styling when I am out and about. This experience therefore lead to me thinking more about the placement of my bobby pins in the future.

I'm proud that a moment that could have been an emotional disaster was an opportunity for me to grow as a Natural Hair Rockstar. Can you relate? Leave a comment here or on the video. You can watch it below.

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