Natural Hair Rockstar E:Guide | How To Go Natural, Stay Natural and Rock It! Chapters 1-4

Natural Hair Rockstar E:Guide | How To Go Natural, Stay Natural and Rock It! Chapters 1-4

Excerpt from Natural Hair Rockstar The E:Guide! How to Go Natural, Stay Natural & Rock it! By Sylvia “Sunshine” Abuwi

#1 Decide Why You’re Going Natural

Any success coach worth their salt will tell you the importance of having a compelling “why” when attempting a new goal! Natural Hair is no different. Before you make any changes to your hair, know your reason. Keep it in the forefront of your mind. & Make it a good one!

#2 Decide You’re Going to Accept Your Texture

Before you even see your hair; make up your mind that you’re going to embrace it, accept it and learn how to style it in ways that make you feel confident. Go in with an open mind! Trust in the vibrant natural hair community to help you along the way. No matter what your texture there are countless women making it work! Learn from them. 

#3 Commit to Increasing Self-Confidence

This journey will have ups and downs like anything in life. Be prepared to persevere by increasing your faith in yourself. Choose to believe that you know what is best for you and release the need to be validated by others. This journey is about you loving you! 

#4 Take a 2-Week Break From Media

Leading up to your Big Chop, give your eyes a break from consuming photo-shopped, double filtered images. Intellectually you know those images are not real, but it still sticks in your mind as an image to compare and contrast yourself with. Taking a break from media will give you a chance to reconnect with yourself and therefore prime yourself to be more accepting of your natural hair. 

Listen to the full chapters and connect with me on the podcast, Natural Hair Rockstar The E: Guide on Anchor.fm https://anchor.fm/queen-sunshine

See you there!

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