Aussie Miracle Curls Shampoo, Conditioner, Deep Conditioner Aussie Hair Insurance Leave In Conditioner. Styled with Sunshine (w/Tea Tree and Lavender Essential Oils) & Cutie Juice Cocktail
Jumbo Flat Twist-Out + Get Ready With Me #NaturalHairRockStar #SunshineAbuwi
Today I am so thankful for my hair. Styling my #naturalhair is one of the things that gives me joy and peace during this Stay in Place Order. Watch as #SunshineAbuwi show off my soft, shiny, moisturized Jumbo Flat Twist-Out. At 1:12 I invite you into my bathroom to Get Ready With Me. Watch me use my hair as a reason to feel good today. As a reason to hold on to hope. As a reason to stay committed to my goals.

Who is #SunshineAbuwi? A #momBoss  #militaryspouse #NaturalHairRockStar #EtsySeller and a #Vlogger who hopes to use this platform to empower and inspire moms to take the “But Really, ME FIRST” Challenge and become a #momboss like me! What is a #MomBoss? A #MomBoss is a #mom taking care of herself, her child(ren), her home AND HER GOALS. Her family is her main priority but she also understands that she won’t be any good for anyone  if she's in poor health or dead! Therefore she manages her physical, emotional, social and financial health as her top priority.

#SunshineAbuwi hopes to inspire more moms to become #MomBosses by putting their health at the top of their list of priorities and goals. She hopes to inspire their amazing counterparts to support this goal.   In today’s video I hope to demonstrate working towards my business goals in spite of being stuck on quarantine. I also hope to demonstrate taking care of my emotional health through journaling and having a hobby of styling my hair daily. 

Thanks for your love and support! You’re awesome :-)
Love, Sunshine Abuwi
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P.S. Here is a page from this morning's journal session. 

By Queen Sunshine Abuwi

Tuesday May 19, 2020

Today I Am focusing on my goals because that keeps me motivated to push ahead. Today I am remembering the final destination that’s at the end of this road I am traveling. I’m acknowledging that just like any journey there is a start and traveling  time and an arrival time. I am focusing on the (Just around the corner) arrival to my goals.

Today I am thankful for all the strength given to me to push ahead each day. I am thankful for all the goals I have already reached while on this journey. 

Today I am focusing on:
Knowing I Am the mom I desire to be.
Knowing I Am the professional blogger I desire to be.
Knowing financial abundance is on its way towards me.
Knowing my perspectives and preferences are valuable.
Knowing there is an audience ripe and ready for my content.
Knowing I Am qualified.
Knowing I Am closer than ever before.
Knowing help is here.
Knowing health is here.
Knowing joy is here.
Knowing success is here.
Knowing confidence is here.
Knowing progress is here.
Knowing my faith is strong.
Knowing I am worthy of good things.
Knowing I am rich. 

Today I Am thankful for another opportunity to love my children, share my blessings and enjoy my work. It might not be easy but I’m strong enough.


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